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Passionate and Inspiring Kid Entrepreneurs

Kid entrepreneurs are young people who have started or taken on entrepreneurial projects. These children, as young as 6 yrs old to teenagers, are often motivated to earn money, pursue their passions, or contribute to their communities. Kid entrepreneurs can learn valuable skills through entrepreneurial projects, such as problem-solving, financial literacy, and communication. They can inspire others to pursue their passions and make a difference in their communities like these ones:

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Alina Morse started her own candy business, Zolli Candy, at 7. Her sugar-free candy has become popular among kids and adults alike.

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The Martinez brothers—Sebastian, 11, and Brandon, 13 started their socks company in 2014 and have been designing and selling their own line of socks while making a difference for others one sock at a time by raising funds and awareness for local and national charities.


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