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40 young entrepreneurs, aged 6 to14, showcased their businesses at BizFest on June 8, 2024.

BizFest Facts

45+ applications received.

27 product-based businesses participated.

9 entrepreneurs obtained temporary business licenses.

1 registered the company in the state of Washington.

4 businesses by 6-8 yrs old.

14 businesses by 9-11 yrs old.

9 businesses by 12-14 yrs old.

A business volume of $2782 was generated.

Businesses paid around $250 in sales tax.


Katie Patterson Larson

Executive Director and Founder of a local non-profit organization -

Justin Botejue

 Biz Dev & Growth Strategist, Physician Relations Liaison at Shriners Children Spokane, STCU Board Member, Vice President - Spokane Scholars Foundation.

Erin Fink

Principal Consultant, Solution Architect

Business Development Executive at

Photo Credit - Suwanee Lennon (Entrepreneur's Parent) and Hrishikesh Joshi (AmpUpSkill Volunteer)

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