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AmpUpSkill aims to provide unique, life-changing experiences to all young minds. We hold compassion, generosity, and kindness close to our hearts and go the extra mile to provide youth with a wide range of opportunities and motivation that will allow them to reach their potential.



BizFest 2024 
June 8, 2024 

This exciting event, hosted in partnership with Spokane Public Library, provided an excellent educational and enterprising opportunity for children to experience the challenges and triumphs of starting their own businesses. This year, we hosted 40 young entrepreneurs from 15+ schools who showcased a variety of businesses, offering everything from creative arts and crafts to tech products.


Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

March, 2024

​Enthusiastic and curious students from one of Spokane's Public Schools participated in the entrepreneurship boot camp. In their first session, they delved into various aspects of entrepreneurship, assessed a couple of business plans, and shared innovative concepts spanning socially impactful initiatives to complex, high-risk, high-reward ventures. They embraced the notion of envisioning themselves as future entrepreneurs.  The second session focused on Business Branding and Finance activities. Here, students gained hands-on experience crafting business names, slogans, and logos while examining revenue scenarios such as losses, profitability, and breaking even. They learned strategic approaches to sourcing materials to minimize costs and maximize profits and the importance of researching innovative methods and accounting for unforeseen expenses when budgeting for business finances. By effectively communicating the benefits of their products or services through creative branding and persuasive marketing strategies, they learned ways to enhance the perceived value of the offerings. In simulated scenarios, students stepped into business owners' shoes, creating a distinct business identity through the development of names, logos, and slogans. The final session covered subjects like obtaining licenses, launching a business, maintaining ethical standards, and providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the practical aspects of establishing and running a genuine company.



November 15, 2023


AmpUpSkill is collaborating to unveil an innovative event aimed at empowering the young entrepreneurs of Spokane. Scheduled for the fall of 2023 during National Entrepreneurship Week, this event will offer business visionaries and owners a platform to present their groundbreaking ideas on the esteemed Founders Live platform. In addition to the exciting pitch competition, attendees will have access to valuable coaching, mentoring, and a wealth of inspiration to ignite and drive their entrepreneurial endeavors. This event promises to be a transformative experience for all those young entrepreneurs to make their mark in the business world.

BizPitch Guidelines + Examples 




June 3, 2023


A Children's Business Fair, an event that provides a platform for children to showcase their entrepreneurial skills by starting and operating their businesses. 

Encourages creativity and entrepreneurship: The fair provides a platform for children to develop their creativity and entrepreneurial skills by creating and operating their businesses.

Teaches financial literacy: The fair can teach children about financial literacy, such as budgeting, pricing, and profit margins.

Builds confidence: Participating in the fair can help children build confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Fosters community engagement: The fair can help to build a sense of community by bringing together children and families.

Provides a fun and educational experience: The fair can be a fun and educational experience for children as they learn about business and entrepreneurship while interacting with their peers and the public.



March 20, 2023


AmpUpSkill conducted an after-school Entrepreneurship club as a pilot program at one of Spokane's public schools to gauge the interest of K-8 students in the world of entrepreneurship. The program attracted over 20 participants, including a kindergartener and two first graders. It was an enriching experience, as these young students displayed exceptional engagement, confidence, and an innate ability to dream big. The ultimate objective is to expand this initiative to all schools in Spokane, enabling children to learn about entrepreneurship within their classrooms. Additionally, they will be provided opportunities outside of school to experience being an entrepreneur for a day through business fairs, mentorship programs, and workshops. By offering a hands-on experience similar to other STEM programs, this initiative aims to inspire children to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career path. Ultimately, it will empower them to set ambitious goals in high school and pursue focused college degrees aligned with their entrepreneurial aspirations.

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