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Through the process, families who support entrepreneurial aspirations and help children develop emotional intelligence make it much easier for them to establish and maintain relationships with others, assist effectively, communicate clearly, and resolve conflicts.


Newfound young entrepreneurs will benefit from having a mentor as their compass, helping the next generation of leaders and changemakers sail toward their destination. A little advice from the business coach can help inexperienced entrepreneurs win a long-worthy game.

Let kids gain emotional intelligence and a viable career.
Raise them to be Entrepreneurs!

For most grownups, today, running a business was the last thing on their minds as a child. With afterschool or weekend activities, kids ventured as entrepreneurs as far as setting up a traditional lemonade stand during their summer break or selling their art at a community event. For some, though, entrepreneurial ambition sets in early on, and they travel beyond a lemonade stand with their family's support. What about those young kids with unique ideas, capabilities, and perseverance to create something that can transform into a business enterprise but need guidance to begin their entrepreneurial journey?

AmpUpskill believes in a life and career philosophy of encouraging entrepreneurial ambitions in kids and helping them gain emotional intelligence and a viable career.

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