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A celebration of young entrepreneurship

BizFest went beyond the limitations of being just a one-day marketplace or a booth at the farmer's market. Instead, it acted as a platform specifically designed for children, opening up a world of opportunities—an avenue that leads to thrilling adventures and, for some, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream—the empowering ability to confidently declare,

"I am an Entrepreneur."


BizFest was an intricately designed occasion to educate, inspire, and honor young minds' entrepreneurial spirit and imaginative thinking. For some, it was more than just about creating, selling, dreaming, and earning. Their ventures extended beyond personal gain, as they dedicated portions of their profits to charitable causes and some propelled themselves towards establishing a company. There were quite a few child entrepreneurs who even obtained temporary business licenses just for this event and went above and beyond by fulfilling their retail sales tax obligations to the IRS after the event. Observing these young elementary and middle school kids engaging in the process of paying taxes was undeniably remarkable. Children were encouraged to uphold their entrepreneurial spirit while assuming the role of a CEO and strategically plan for the event.

While navigating through challenges and utilizing available resources, we crossed paths with angel investors in the guise of mentors, cheerleaders, and supporters who uplifted BizFest's vision. Heartfelt gratitude to all these contributors and organizations to helped us launch this event.


Christi Harter 

Former VP, Education & Talent, Exe. Director, GSI

Mark Pond

Business Research Librarian, SPL

Kimberly Stretch

Principal, Odyssey - Libby Center, SPS

April Needham

Director, SP3NW

Justin Botejue

Biz Dev., Shriners Children's Spokane


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