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Spokane's Art Salvage - An Upcycling Non-Profit

An upcycling business is a type of business that transforms discarded or waste materials into products that have a higher value or use. Environmental concerns often motivate this type of business, as it helps reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Upcycling businesses can take many forms, from small, local operations that repurpose materials like wood pallets or fabric scraps into home decor items or accessories, to larger companies that use industrial waste materials to create new products, such as furniture or building materials.

Starting an upcycling business requires creativity, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability. It can be a challenging but rewarding venture for those passionate about reducing waste and creating value from unwanted, scrapped materials.

One such upcycling entrepreneurial story is about Katie Patterson Larson, who formed 'Art Salvage,' Spokane's first center for a creative use of discarded or donated art materials. It is a meaningful non-profit venture of bringing affordable opportunities to students, teachers, artists, crafters, and makers of all ages. Katie is an art therapist, serves on the advisory board for the Spokane Arts Commission, and is a columnist in the Spokesman-Review who shares monthly creative ideas about "Upcycled Life."

Link to Art Salvage Ideas

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